Tidewater Tee

I just love the look of the cute cutouts on clothing lately.  This new tee by Winter Wear Designs has a trendy cutout in the back.  I really enjoy this one because I can still wear my bra with it and not have it show. wwdtee6

I did the regular sleeve on this version that I made, but there are two other styles of sleeves that can be done.  A cute tulip sleeve and a trendy cold shoulder sleeve styles also come with the pattern.  There’s also two necklines, a deeper neckline and a higher one.  My version is with the higher neckline. 19417111_10213611379058736_5009588357710106687_o

My version was done in rayon spandex, but I also made an earlier tester version in a brushed poly that also worked well with this pattern.  Depending on the weight of a cotton spandex, you could likely use a lighter weight one.  wwdtee3

The pattern can be purchased on Winter Wear Designs website, and is on sale for $7.50 until 6/25/17.

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