Honeydew Kisses Fiona Shorts

I love bubble shorts on little girls!  I think they are the cutest look.  I’m pretty sure I have more than one pattern of bubble shorts in my pattern library.  They’re like a weakness for me, and I can’t help but sew them.  Well, I sewed another pair for little girl using the Fiona shorts pattern from Honeydew Kisses.  I much prefer having a cuff on the bottom though as opposed to just having elastic, like a bloomer.  I feel like it gives them a more polished look.  fiona13

This pair of Fiona shorts was surprisingly fast to sew up.  I like the look of the flat front, as they seem more put together.  This pattern isn’t lined, and does have pockets.  I chose to sew mine without any pockets, mostly because she just doesn’t really use them.  The front pattern piece has the pocket cut out already, but the instructions at the back of the pattern explain how to adjust the piece if you don’t want to add pockets.  It also comes with suspenders, if you want that look too. fiona12fiona16

Raspberry Creek Fabrics has some colored chambray, so I grabbed all of the colors she had available.  This is the purple chambray from her shop.  I found the polka dot fabric in my stash, and I love how they looked together.  fiona15

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