New Horizons Deer Creek Tunic


I feel like I blinked and summer went by.  I’ve started to think about cooler weather already.  My son and I are both starting school in just a couple of weeks.  I love wearing leggings, cardigans, tunics, and boots during winter.  I can never have enough tunics to go with my leggings.  I have several different types, but I’m always drawn to ones that have a true waist.  The Deer Creek Tunic from New Horizons Designs has an elastic casing waist with a dolman sleeve.  deercreek2

One other thing that makes me giddy about this pattern is that there are different options for finishing the neckline.  I’m sure for some that might not be a big deal, but I really like having a polished looking neckline.  I love having the ease of doing a neckband sometimes, but the professional look of a binding is something that I really like.  The pattern has the option of doing either, but I’ll almost always choose doing a binding over a neckband whenever possible.


I used a rayon spandex french terry from So Sew English Fabrics.  I wanted something that would still have drape, yet be warmer for the cooler upcoming weather.  The pattern states the fabric needs to have at least 35% stretch, but light/medium weight knits with good drape work best.  I like that it’s long enough to cover my bum to wear with leggings.  I made mine in 3/4 sleeves, but the pattern also has long and short sleeves too.  There’s also a curved and straight dress length too.  It’s also the last day for the New Horizons Designs 30% off sale. Use the code BACKTOSCHOOL to get the pattern for even less. deercreek6deercreek

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