SLPco Wendy’s Classic Collar Dress


This dress is so classic, and I love the belt that comes with the pattern!  I wanted to make a really classic looking dress, almost Audrey Hepburn type of look.  After I made it and tried it on her, I realized that it looked more like Wednesday Adams instead of the look I was actually going for. Haha!  Either way, I love how it turned out.  I still think it looks like a classic dress, but maybe a little more festive. The new Wendy’s classic collar dress gives such a lovely look.  You’ll love the deep hem and all the enclosed seams. wendy9

I found some great black sateen fabric at Joann that was perfect for what I wanted to do with this pattern.  I used some Kona white for the collar and the belt.  I found my slide for the belt at Hobby Lobby, but I also found some on Amazon too.  wendy10

There’s several sleeve lengths that are included with the pattern, with the option of enclosing the sleeve seam, or finishing with a serger.  This dress will be another favorite of yours, and is on sale right now for $7.50!

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