Wardrobe by Me Draper Polo

I love sewing for my husband, because he’s usually very grateful for whatever I make for him.  He also says though that I never make him anything.  I beg to differ, but if you look at how much I make for my kids and myself, as compared to him then yes I rarely make anything for him.  Wardrobe by Me lately has been doing more men’s patterns, and I love it.  My husband is finally getting some clothes that he likes, and will actually wear.  The most recent addition to her pattern line-up is the Draper Polodraper4

There’s another great thing about this pattern, and that is you can make a plain t-shirt instead too.  Since the placket and collar are separate pieces, there’s the option of just making it a t-shirt with a banded neckline instead.  You can do the placket with or without buttons, I went without only because I didn’t have any buttons that I liked at the time.  draper7

I used some lovely olive green cotton lycra from Simply by Ti Fabrics.  She has some wonderful prices on her cotton lycra, and it’s a good weight.  A few months ago she had a Friday sale and all of her solid cotton lycra was only $5 a yard, so I scooped up a bunch.  Boy am I glad that I did, because I’ve been on a solids kick lately.  My husband is excited to have another great fitting shirt in his wardrobe.  The Draper Polo is on sale now until January 26 for $10. draper5draper6

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