Made for Mermaids Bridgette and Victoria

I’ve always been a weird size when it comes to bras.  Anytime I was younger and would go into Victoria’s Secret and get measured, the bra that I bought would fit for a couple of weeks and then just get too big.  I’ve always had a small underbust (29-30″) and then a bigger full bust.  They would always just measure around my full bust and then my upper bust.  Well come to find out, I’ve recently discovered that I have very broad shoulders meaning that my upper bust measurement is very large compared to most “normal” people.  This is part of the reason why getting measured at VS never really worked out for me.  After much discovery and getting measured and fitted the correct way (for me), I usually wear a 32DDD-G/H in a RTW bra.bridgette8

While in testing for the new Bridgette pattern, I went off of my measurements and used the size chart.  I measured into a 36A.  You might see my problem here, but since my upper bust measurement is so large (because of my broad shoulders) the chart didn’t really work well for me.  I made the 36A, but I needed WAY more cup than an A.  I had about 2″ from the bottom of the cup to the bottom of my breast that wasn’t covered.  After some help from Judy and Megan, I decided to make a 36D which was very close, but I still needed a little more coverage.  I then went back and went up to the 36F which came out perfect!  I also realized that I preferred to have my cups lined.  I didn’t like having any of my breasts poking out of any of the holes on the lace.  I lined all of my cups with cotton lycra to match, and I just like the softer feeling of the lining too.   I’m so in love with the fact that I can now make a bralette that actually fits.  There’s no way that I would be able to get one in a store. bridgetteflat

The Bridgette pattern goes from size 30-50″ for the full bust measurement, and cups from A-G.  There’s a full back, racer back, and cross back option.  The Victoria has cheekies or thong options.  I made all of my cheekies 6″ high on the rise, as I just preferred that rise height better.  I finished the top of the undies with picot elastic and just top stitched it down.  The patterns can be bought in a bundle ($13.00), or individually ($7.50).  Both of my lace fabrics came from Surge Fabrics.  Cream colored lace is here and the teal and coral is sold out sadly. bridgetteflat2bridgetteflat3

Full disclosure pictures below:




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