Made for Mermaids Bridgette and Victoria

I’ve always been a weird size when it comes to bras.  Anytime I was younger and would go into Victoria’s Secret and get measured, the bra that I bought would fit for a couple of weeks and then just get too big.  I’ve always had a small underbust (29-30″) and then a bigger full bust.  They would always just measure around my full bust and then my upper bust.  Well come to find out, I’ve recently discovered that I have very broad shoulders meaning that my upper bust measurement is very large compared to most “normal” people.  This is part of the reason why getting measured at VS never really worked out for me.  After much discovery and getting measured and fitted the correct way (for me), I usually wear a 32DDD-G/H in a RTW bra.bridgette8

While in testing for the new Bridgette pattern, I went off of my measurements and used the size chart.  I measured into a 36A.  You might see my problem here, but since my upper bust measurement is so large (because of my broad shoulders) the chart didn’t really work well for me.  I made the 36A, but I needed WAY more cup than an A.  I had about 2″ from the bottom of the cup to the bottom of my breast that wasn’t covered.  After some help from Judy and Megan, I decided to make a 36D which was very close, but I still needed a little more coverage.  I then went back and went up to the 36F which came out perfect!  I also realized that I preferred to have my cups lined.  I didn’t like having any of my breasts poking out of any of the holes on the lace.  I lined all of my cups with cotton lycra to match, and I just like the softer feeling of the lining too.   I’m so in love with the fact that I can now make a bralette that actually fits.  There’s no way that I would be able to get one in a store. bridgetteflat

The Bridgette pattern goes from size 30-50″ for the full bust measurement, and cups from A-G.  There’s a full back, racer back, and cross back option.  The Victoria has cheekies or thong options.  I made all of my cheekies 6″ high on the rise, as I just preferred that rise height better.  I finished the top of the undies with picot elastic and just top stitched it down.  The patterns can be bought in a bundle ($13.00), or individually ($7.50).  Both of my lace fabrics came from Surge Fabrics.  Cream colored lace is here and the teal and coral is sold out sadly. bridgetteflat2bridgetteflat3

Full disclosure pictures below:




Love Notions Trendy Tunic


The look of this cute tunic couldn’t be more perfect!  My daughter loves pockets so that she can put her toys in her pockets, not just her hands.  She just loves carrying around anything that she can, so pockets are always a win.  This Trendy Tunic from Love Notions got an update.  Previously it didn’t include some of the smaller or bigger sizes, and it now goes from 2T to 16.  She also added a cowl and hood option!trendy6

I chose to make the new cowl neckline, since it’s finally getting cold enough here.  This french terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics worked out perfectly, and I just love bright and bold colors on her.  I used their eggplant solid and the eggplant dots on oatmealtrendy8

Although it might look like a complicated pattern, I was happy that it came together quickly.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow for adding the pocket.  Grab the Trendy Tunic while it’s on sale until January 30, 2018 for $7.00. trendy2trendy7

Phat Quarters Camas Top and Tunic

camas4My daughter is growing so fast!  I realized the other day that she’s grown out of most of her plain, every day tops.  I love having a pattern that has lots of options for different finishes.  Then I know that if she wants something just a little different, then it’s easy to use the same pattern to make something a little different.  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this thinking.  The Camas knit top and tunic has lots of different finishing options.  It can be a great plain top, or add some ruching to the sleeves or hem to give it a cute finish.  There’s also the option of a thumbhole cuff.  I made the plain top with a curved hem.  There’s a neckline facing and although it takes a little longer than a neckband, I love this finished look.  I feel like a binding or a facing always gives a cute, and more polished look to tops.  camas

I also just love this Eggplant color on her.  Her red hair can really go great with some fun colors.  Anything in the blue or green shades tend to do wonders, and I just love it!  This was a cotton lycra that I grabbed at Simply by Ti fabrics.  It’s Ti’s Eggplant cotton lycra, and like I said in my post yesterday, I also grabbed this in her $5/yard cotton lycra sale she had a bit ago.  camas5

This cute Camas top and tunic pattern can be short, 3/4, or long sleeved.  It can have a curved hem, or a straight hem.  It can have a banded hem too with the ruching in the sides.  Grab this cute top pattern today!

Wardrobe by Me Draper Polo

I love sewing for my husband, because he’s usually very grateful for whatever I make for him.  He also says though that I never make him anything.  I beg to differ, but if you look at how much I make for my kids and myself, as compared to him then yes I rarely make anything for him.  Wardrobe by Me lately has been doing more men’s patterns, and I love it.  My husband is finally getting some clothes that he likes, and will actually wear.  The most recent addition to her pattern line-up is the Draper Polodraper4

There’s another great thing about this pattern, and that is you can make a plain t-shirt instead too.  Since the placket and collar are separate pieces, there’s the option of just making it a t-shirt with a banded neckline instead.  You can do the placket with or without buttons, I went without only because I didn’t have any buttons that I liked at the time.  draper7

I used some lovely olive green cotton lycra from Simply by Ti Fabrics.  She has some wonderful prices on her cotton lycra, and it’s a good weight.  A few months ago she had a Friday sale and all of her solid cotton lycra was only $5 a yard, so I scooped up a bunch.  Boy am I glad that I did, because I’ve been on a solids kick lately.  My husband is excited to have another great fitting shirt in his wardrobe.  The Draper Polo is on sale now until January 26 for $10. draper5draper6

New Horizons Riviera Raglan

What an amazing holiday break!  I hope you all had a great time with family and friends. I’m back at it today, after a short break from blogging, with the Riviera Raglan from New Horizons Designs.  I bought the pattern some time ago, but I just hadn’t gotten the chance to sew one up.  This pattern is the ultimate raglan pattern.  It has anything you ever wanted in a raglan.  You can make a sweatshirt, one with a hood, a placket, a swing top, you name it.  With all of these options available, I decided to sew up 3 different styles all stemming from the same pattern.  First, I made a comfy, cozy sweatshirt out of quilted knit. riviera10

This pattern comes with two different sleeve cut lines.  There’s the standard cut, that goes from the collar bone and cuts down to under the arm.  There’s also a high cut sleeve.  The high cut goes from where the neck and the top of the shoulder meet down to under the arm.  This is with the banded hem and the cuffed sleeves.  I used the standard cut sleeves for this version.  I got this gorgeous fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics last year.  Quilted knit is so in right now, and I love that I can make a sweatshirt look with this pattern.  Next, I made a more swing style top.  I used the high cut sleeve line on this one.  You can see that the sleeve starts much higher on the neck, giving a deeper angle to the sleeve.  I did the handkerchief hem, and made it in rayon spandex.  I knew that I wanted a more flowy top with this hem style. riviera16riviera20

Right before Christmas, we went to see the new Star Wars movie.  I just had to make this last shirt to wear when we went to see it.  I made your typical raglan.  I used some cotton lycra for this one from my stash.  I got the Star Wars fabric from So Sew English last year when they had it.  I added the saying using my new Cricut Maker (blog post to come) and EasyPress.  riviera11

Below, I’ve added the line drawing from the pattern to show all the different options that are available with the Riviera pattern.  I’ve collected raglan patterns, but who knows why when I’ve had this pattern in my stash.  womens raglanriviera15riviera13riviera12


Made for Mermaids Catherine pattern


You might be familiar with the Holly pattern from Made for Mermaids.  It’s a cute pattern made with woven fabric that released last year with the Dreamy Collection (Noelle, Holly, and Joy).  Well, this year the Holly was drafted for knit fabrics and women’s sizes were added.  Meet the Catherine!  I couldn’t resist making several of these.  I made the curved dress for me, and the dress with ruffle for my daughter (pictured above). catherine2

The pattern features a yoke height bodice.  There’s a square, or scoop neckline that’s lined.  The scoop neckline can also be unlined and has a single fold binding to finish.  The yoke piece requires medium weight knit, like cotton lycra, brushed poly, or even stretch lace.  The sleeve lengths include short, 3/4, and long sleeve.  Flounce sleeves are also included with the pattern, and can be hi-low or a regular even length.  catherine51

The skirt also has several lengths.  It can be a top, curved tunic, straight dress, curved dress, or a dress with ruffle (girls only).  The skirt fabric suggest rayon spandex or brushed poly.  The patterns are on sale for $7.50 each, or bundle them together at $13.


I used cotton lycra for the yoke for all of the versions that I made.  The skirts were all done with rayon spandex.  All of these fabrics came from Simply by Ti.  She’s currently having her Black Friday sale with 33% off your entire order with the code STOCKUP.  She also has nine fabrics for $3.89/yard (including the coral aztec print here in my post).

Sew Thankful Blog Tour

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  I love having an excuse to eat myself silly, take a nap, watch some Christmas movies, and then eat some more.  Last year was the first year that I made my daughter a Thanksgiving dress.  It’s so hard to not resist the cute holiday fabrics when I see them in the stores.  This year was no exception!  I grabbed this cute turkey woven fabric at Hobby Lobby earlier in the year when I saw it.  turkey3

I love making a quick dress for her, and one that she can run around in and not feel constricted.  I’m always drawn to a pattern that has a knit bodice and a skirt that can be either woven or knit.  Either one with it attaching at the natural waist, or an empire waist.  The Brooklyn pattern from Made for Mermaids was the perfect match for this dress.  turkey5

The pattern has a neckline facing instead of doing a neckband, but I prefer having a neckband, so I modified the neckline a little to have a neckband instead of the facing.  I used burgundy cotton lycra from Raspberry Creek fabrics for the bodice.  turkey4

I also used the same pattern to make my friend’s daughter a Thanksgiving dress.  I also did a neckband, but I added a sash at the waist.  I used another pattern to get the lengths for the sash ties, so I knew it would be long enough to tie it.turkey

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SLPco Paisley Dress


I think there are probably quite a few of us that are thinking about the holidays, and not just about finding presents for everyone and all the events we have to attend, but also about the clothing we’ll wear.  As someone that sews, I like to plan in advance.  I like to stalk Pinterest, look through my pattern stash, and scour the fabrics.  Simple Life Pattern Co. started a blog tour specifically for the special occasions that everyone is likely to attend.  All of the bloggers in the tour used SLPco patterns to create a special occasion look.  After looking through all of the patterns, I decided on the Paisley open back dress paired with the Juliette capelet.  slpcotour6

The Paisley dress pattern calls for knit fabrics.  Because of the knit, I knew that she would be comfortable in her dress while she ran and played.  The capelet is for woven fabrics and is a free pattern with a code from the SLPco Facebook group.  Although, I didn’t see any tester pics with fur, I knew that was the look that I really wanted.

I got both of the royal blue stretch velvet and the white faux fur from Hart’s Fabric (the fabric sponsor for this tour).  Dana was amazing to work with, and my fabrics arrived so fast!  The tissue paper pattern that they wrap their fabrics in is such an awesome and fun touch when you open your package.  The quality and feel were both top notch!img_7440.jpg

The Paisley has a circle skirt option, or a gathered skirt.  I went with the circle skirt, as I knew she’d love to be able to twirl.  I also did the neckline with a binding, but if I did it again with stretch velvet I would do the neckband option, as it was tough to do the binding since I couldn’t iron the velvet.  This was a surprisingly quick sew, and I had it finished in one day.

The capelet was also a quick and simple design that only took me a few hours to complete (after cutting out the fur and vacuuming up all of the fur that decided to take over my sewing room).  The white fur is so amazingly soft that I want to make one for myself too, even if I’ll look like a caroler.  slpcotour4slpcotour2slpcotourslpcotour5slpcotour3

These patterns were definitely perfect for what I had envisioned her wearing this holiday season.  Be sure to check out what all the other bloggers made, and follow along with the blog tour this week.  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway that is going on as well!


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Love Notions Sloane Sweater


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that gets inspiration from Pinterest.  I saw a color blocked top on there a while ago and it gave me the inspiration for this Sloane sweater that I made. Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 9.07.55 PM

This was the top, and I felt like I came really close to recreating it with the Sloane without having to color block a pattern that I already own.  I’m really lazy and would prefer to have a pattern close to, or exactly like what I’ve envisioned.  The only thing that I had to add myself was a pocket, which was easy to make myself by cutting a rectangle and sewing it where I wanted it.  sloanew3

I used brushed poly for the top, and I found a suede-like knit at Joann for the elbow patches and the pocket.  The only issue I had was that the knit from Joann was really thick, which is why I did a twin needle stitch around the pocket instead of turning it under and hemming it.  The one thing I wish I would have done differently would be to add length and make the top a bit longer next time.  I usually don’t have to add length to my tops, but this one came out a little shorter than I prefer.  sloanew4

The Sloane pattern has two different views, one is more of a traditional sweatshirt, whereas there is this view which looks more like a relaxed shirt.  There’s only one sleeve length, and it can be made with or without the color blocking at the shoulder.  The elbow patches are included with the pattern. It’s not on sale during this blog tour, as it was just re-released recently.  And don’t forget to check out what the other bloggers sewed up!



SLPco Wendy’s Classic Collar Dress


This dress is so classic, and I love the belt that comes with the pattern!  I wanted to make a really classic looking dress, almost Audrey Hepburn type of look.  After I made it and tried it on her, I realized that it looked more like Wednesday Adams instead of the look I was actually going for. Haha!  Either way, I love how it turned out.  I still think it looks like a classic dress, but maybe a little more festive. The new Wendy’s classic collar dress gives such a lovely look.  You’ll love the deep hem and all the enclosed seams. wendy9

I found some great black sateen fabric at Joann that was perfect for what I wanted to do with this pattern.  I used some Kona white for the collar and the belt.  I found my slide for the belt at Hobby Lobby, but I also found some on Amazon too.  wendy10

There’s several sleeve lengths that are included with the pattern, with the option of enclosing the sleeve seam, or finishing with a serger.  This dress will be another favorite of yours, and is on sale right now for $7.50!